Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming Home & Getting Ready

Bedrest Chronicles Day 42

Every morning I wake up and have a delicious moment where I think "I'm at home" and then snuggle into my comfy sheets and fall back asleep with my dog next to me and baby E still growing safely inside. It's a perfect moment every day.

Coming home couldn't have happened without my sister generously taking a week off to come take care of me. At the last minute there was a change in plans with my dad coming up as he had a work thing come up. Because my dad is a dear, he didn't want to disappoint me so WITHOUT telling me, he arranged for my sister to come up. I was a little appalled to put out my sister in this way since I could easily stay in the hospital. However, because they love me, they took care of it before I could say anything. Control freak much Jen? Regardless, I *really* appreciate their kindness! I'm so lucky to have them in my life. We all are actually.

When I left the hospital I was amazed at how beautiful it is here. After being inside for so long, I had forgotten how amazing the mountains and water look here. On her way up, my sister took this picture from the plane:

Coming home to my new house is surreal and so much fun! I'll have to follow up with pictures soon...well I'll have to get my sister to take them. :) All I can say is that I L - O - V - E it! The peaceful green walls and immense amount of natural light. Sigh. So happy.

With my sister here, we've been working on getting the baby stuff ready. Okay, I lay reclined in the chair and keep her company while she does all the work. :) We've come a long way in getting the clothes and supplies organized with what I have so far. She also put the carseat together...check it out:




  1. So nice that your sister is taking good care of you. Love your "baby". :)

  2. Your almost there my baby girl--soon to be a mommie. You do have I nice sister if I say so myself. Then I am a little prejudice. Love, Mom

  3. That would be You're

  4. I'm so happy to hear you're home and have your sister there with you. Enjoy every minute! The pic is beautiful and reminds me I'll have to visit sometime:)

  5. Hooray for home! Keep taking it easy so E can cook a little more...almost ready!

  6. Glad you have some help and TLC!! That picture is beautiful.

  7. It must be so fabulous to be safe at home and able to see everything getting ready for Baby. So glad you are able to have your sister with you during this time!

  8. So awesome to hear that you're home and well cared for by your sister! Lucky to have your family take care of you like that...

    (and what a weird coincidence. I've only met 1-2 other people in my life with my birthday... Happy birthday to us!)

  9. So happy you are finally home and that your sister is there with you. Hope Baby E stays put for a few more weeks.