Friday, June 25, 2010

So much stuff!

So much stuff has been going on and I'm not feeling very verbal so excuse my bullet points!

  • Arrived in Anchorage to find our reservation for this week is at a complete dump! I use to do these places with no problem when I was younger, but now I find myself wishing I had spent the extra $400 for a decent place. When we first got here, we immediately went to the store to buy the heavy duty Febreeze to kill the "I'm hiding a body under the bed" smell. Hallelujah it worked!
  • Upon arriving at the car vehicle pick-up facility, we found that some idiot driver couldn't shift the car into drive so he tore the whole shifter section including the cover off trying to fix it. In doing so, he disconnected and tore all of the wires that run to the transmission. Then they pleasantly informed us that they had no idea how it happened and that we'd have to take it up with the Army since it was a mechanical issue. What? I can't wait. $1400 to replace it.
  • Took our FJ into the dealership to get serviced since it just drove 5k miles. Things are a little more expensive here as our big 60k bumper to bumper service ran almost $1000. Ouch. 
  • Went house hunting with our new realtor. Husband realized that he wanted to move towards the top of our budget so we could get a spacious house. Unfortunately, the first absolutely dreamy spacious house we found went under contract the night before we looked at it. We continued to look and found very similar house which went under contract that morning. Finally the last house of the day which was slightly over our top budget made the clouds part and heavens sing as it was just lovely and had a view. Sigh. We put in an offer and are now waiting to hear back. My hubby is very impatient with the whole waiting process (aka, he drove me crazy today!)
  • Had serious cravings for Mexican food. Found a delightful restaurant near the possible house with a cheery waitress and yummy food. Love that!
  • Found out that three fabulous friends are flying out to my baby shower in California! We are going to have so much fun!!!
  • Baby update: I think I feel him kicking in there! 
  • This area of Alaska is absolutely amazing with its snow covered mountains, clear air, and gobs of trees! I'm going to love it here!!!
Take care! 



  1. Well, your list started out a little bleak, but ended up very sunny and bright! I hope you get your dream house! Keep us posted!


  2. Sorry for all the bumps along the way.

  3. Good luck with your offer! I hope it works out for you. So glad you've arrived safe and sound. And I hope those kicks become more obvious soon! It's so awesome when you start to feel them!

  4. Yay to kicks! The shower sounds fun and Alaska sounds beautiful! Good luck with everything going on there.

  5. sorry about the temp housing, and the car... sucky! But yea for good mexican food! Hope that you all here back on the house soon- the waiting is the hardest part (isn't that a song or something?!?)

  6. Sorry for all of the bad luck, but glad you are there safely! Sounds beautiful!!!

    Mmmmmm....cheese dip;)

  7. The good here DEFINITELY outweighs the bad. We're just anxious to get on with it! :)

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've decided to chill out and it will be okay.

    I've been enjoying your stories of your travels to Alaska. Best of luck with the house-hunt!

  9. Oh wow, so much going on for you right now Jen. Congrats on (maybe) feelng your little papaya kick!!! That is so cool!
    And I hope the dream house soon becomes your reality... xx

  10. We need belly pics!!!! I miss talking to you all the time. Thank goodness you are finally in the land of cell phone towers! Sending you happy wishes about the house!

  11. I love that house hunting involved looking at only 3 places before putting in an offer. Hope you get it! Enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air.

  12. Actually we looked at like twelve but I just skipped over those! :)

  13. Wow! I haven't been on your blog in forever...lots changed! Glad things are going well with your little boy =) and you moved to Alaska? That is fabulous! I have ALWAYS wanted to go there!! Best of luck to you as you get settled in. Hugs!

  14. -do y'all have to pay for the car to be fixed?
    -yay for mexican
    -I hope to bid on the house is excepted.
    -itty bitty baby movements are amazing!

  15. Thanks for the updates! Moving is tough, so many changes. Wishing you the best as you get settled in.


  16. I'm playing catch up on all the blogs and CONGRATS!!!! A baby boy and Alaska-AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to read all about your adventures up there :)

  17. I will never forget the agonizing wait last March while we waited to see if the sellers approved our bid on their house. I remember loving our house so much and it took them 5 days to reply back-pure agony!

    I love Alaska! Enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery!