Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few points in my life...

Apparently I have misrepresented myself. Yes, I have cravings for lettuce, spinach, egg, and tomato filled salads on a daily basis. However, I'm also forced to eat bad things like hamburgers and french fries since our kitchen is now boxed up and crated. Forced people! lol. Okay, I truly love a good cheeseburger. However now when I'm choosing what to eat, I imagine those bad choices to stick directly on my pregnant body without any hope of sliding off. Being a made-with-butter girl simply doesn't give me the option of packing on a ton of weight with this pregnancy. Let's face it, I wouldn't be a beached whale. I would be a beached whale with rockin' boobs! :)

So let me rephrase:

Cravings: salad with juicy tomatoes, peanut m&ms, oranges, root beer, pringles...

Actual eating: salad wherever I can get it, subway chicken breast sandwiches on wheat, fruit, triscuits, shredded wheat, oatmeal AND cheeseburgers & french fries. :)

As far as the move goes, we hit the jackpot with this moving company as they are quick, efficient, very attentive to detail, and professional. I don't feel like someone creepy is going through all of stuff which is nice. They had our house packed up in no time and today went on to fill all of the crates they brought by two. Since we are technically moving overseas under Army regs, all of our stuff is not only packed in boxes, but then packed into large wooden crates and nailed shut. Tomorrow, they will need just a few hours to finish up. The joy of this is that my husband has felt secure enough with their work to let me go rest during the day. Usually I would be glued on a section of the house watching them work....but no! I have spent the days getting lunch for us, checking on the dog at the hotel, and napping (sigh, I love naps).

Since the last few weeks have been crazy, I have missed some of the last minute details that I usually take care of before a move like getting a haircut. So my bright idea today was to duck into a random salon and take care of it. Why do I do this to myself? Inevitably, a place like this will totally screw up my hair! Today was no different. So instead of having overgrown hair, I now have cute perky soccer mom layered hair which is exactly what I told her I DIDNT want! Egh. Serves me right for ducking into the random shop.

Another thing I have noticed over the past few days is my vision going wonky. I hear this is a common side effect of the pregnancy hormones, but the reality of having blurry trees and street signs is obnoxious. I can only hope this too will go with time.



  1. I totally know what you mean about the hair thing. I just tried a random place in Denver last week. I was scared before I got there too. I'm sure your soccer mom hair looks cute!

  2. In your defence, i'll testify that she ate a salad on Sunday when we went out! :) That's the worst part of PCS'ing... the solid weeks of fast food.

  3. I find the pretzel m&m's are a nice alternative. Almost as good as the regular ones.

    Wow, the moving sounds like quite the ordeal!

  4. The good news is that your hair WILL grow out...the better news is that you have such nice movers and packers.

    I was reading through your previous posts and laughing at the little Dad notes you left after the post title.

    I think you are having a boy....All the best for the u/s.

  5. Awesome about the great movers! That makes all the difference in the world - especially that you can rest throughout the process.

    Good luck finding good for you food in this move!!!

  6. Hy, you can't expect to hit the jackpot twice in a day! At least your hair will grow back.

  7. YEp, my vision went bonkers too! HELLO reading glasses :) Hugs as you get moved!

  8. I'm sitting here on the west coast wondering when I am going to fall asleep. So excited for tomorrow. Can't wait for your new blog. Praying the baby is cooperative. Be cooperative says your Auntie.

  9. hi! my most recent reading list: "the girl with the glass feet", "olive kitteridge", "american salvage" (pretty dark), "children of men" (waaay dark). any recs?