Thursday, August 1, 2013


After over a month of packing, traveling, vacationing, waiting and unpacking, we are finally settled into our new house in Kansas.

Let me sum up the big trip...

May 27 first day on post in RV camp...goodbye house.
May 28: the moose who walked into our campsite and later came back for a snack.
May 29: E chilling at camp
May 30: playing at a park on base.
May 31: playing at a park near our camp. Did you know that parks with rocks make kids FILTHY!
June 1: Friend's birthday party gave him a chance to hit his first piƱata!
June 2: The USO presents Sesame Street. We sat in the front row for Elmooooo!
June 3: At another park, E made another friend. This one sat on top of his legs and kissed him!
June 4: Parents fly in to Anchorage. Took a little tourist time to find this view.

June 5: My last drive from Anchorage to Wasilla. 
June 6: Figuring out the ice machine as we get ready to head out.
June 7: You can drive for miles and not see a soul until you hit roadwork...and a good gas station.
Anchorage to Tok, Alaska
June 8: Me.  See ya later Alaska!
Tok, Alaska and Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada
June 9: E and I taking a break by the water's edge.
Watson Lake  to Ft Nelson.
June 10: Mountains. Drizzle. Beautiful!
Fort Nelson to Fort St. John
More June 10: See that black thing on the right? That's a bear grazing on the side of the road! He was one of the ten bears (8 black/2 grizzlies) we saw hanging out along with a herd of buffalo, wild black swans, rock goats, a moose, and a porcupine!
June 11: A sweet moment before bed.
Fort St. John to Grande Cache
June 12: driving through Jasper National Park
Grande Cache to Lake Louise, Alberta
June 13:
Lake Louise to Fort MacLeod, Alberta

June 14: Back in the US!
Fort MacLeod, AB, Canada to Melrose, Montana

June 15: We went swimming in the Great Salt Lake along with a gazillion gnats and there are buffalo here!
Melrose, Montana to Antelope Island State Park, Utah 

June 16: Looooook!
Antelope Island to Bryce Canyon, Utah

June 17: "The big ditch" says my hubby.
Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

June 18: Driving.
Grand Canyon to Moab, Utah

June 19: Arches National Park
Moab, Utah to Fort Collins, CO

June 20: Cousins! What you can't see in this picture is that E is sharing a seat with one of his six second cousins  who are all boys!!! Fort Collins, CO

June 21: The vintage farm my favorite aunt sent home with us. Every day she set out new toys for E to play with on this table. She's the best!
Fort Collins, CO

June 22: We got to meet IVFlyGirl and her family for the first time!

More June 22: the most delicious guacamole with mango, strawberry, and goat cheese. Seriously good!
Fort Collins, CO
June 23: Whoa this place is flat.
Fort Collins, CO to Hays, Kansas
June 24: Mommy, I'm home!
Hays to Leavenworth, Kansas



  1. Holy long vacation! Kudos to you for being able to stay in an RV for a month - I definitely couldn't have done it! Hope you enjoy Kansas!

  2. awesome!!!! I know at times you were probably tired of driving and traveling...but totally awesome. We are RV people too (in the form of a 35ft 5th wheel toy hauler)....your move is our ideal vacation. We love to camp and explore new places but waiting until the kids are a bit older to hit up the Grand Canyon and such. Congrats on the move. I hope you are settled and enjoying your new home/city.

  3. Wow! Long drive...I recognize some of those places from my home place of Utah. Antelope Island definitely equals gnats :P Looks like a wonderful time though. Glad you all made it safe and had fun.