Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leaving Home

Over the last couple of weeks, life has been changing constantly. At first, we lived out of the leftovers in our house as the packers slowly boxed and crated everything. Then we hunkered down on an air mattress in E's room. Next we left our house and lived for a week in the RV. After that came our five days in Army lodging. And now? Now we are finally leaving.

Alaska to Kansas 
(our actual route happens to be a little more fun than this) 

We've known for months that this was coming, but for some reason the emotions and reality of it all didn't hit until this past week.

My friends, who I largely met through an amazing mom's group, arranged a fancy dinner at my favorite place to eat in town. We ate and laughed until our stomachs ached. While I'm usually pretty good at good-byes, I started to realize that night how much I was going to miss them and their kids!

I've fought back the urge to cry numerous times in both memorable and random places. For example, today I was walking through Costco avoiding the crazy tester table crowds, when I got all choked up as  thinking about how this was my last day in Anchorage. Who does that? When we pulled out of our house for the final time, I just kept thinking about how this was the place where I brought my baby home to...the first place that was filled by his smiles and giggles.

Beyond all of these memories, I'm just going to miss the sheer beauty of Alaska that I got to see every day just while driving.

Of course, I can't forget the occasionally surprises of wildlife which make my heart race.

Most of all I'm just surprised at how I feel like I'm leaving my home and not just another duty station. How is it possible that despite three years of record setting weather, I'm still so sad to leave? 

Tomorrow morning our caravan will be pulling out and heading towards Tok for one final night on Alaskan soil...

Here comes the next adventure peeps.



  1. Oh my - you're much tougher than I would be! I'll be praying for peace for you as you head south. Good luck on your journey!!

  2. Children and memories of them have such a strong pull. I hope you make many more fond memories in Kansas :) Take care and travel safe.

  3. Oh my gosh...I got all teared up reading this. We only moved 25 miles but leaving the house I brought both my babies home to was soooo hard. I cannot imagine going so far. But....silver surroundings, new adventures...and I pray every time I think about it that your family will expand. Have a super fun and safe trip.
    Karaleen in CA

  4. Hi there! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    - Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. But your beautiful boy comes with you! :-)

  6. I do NOT know how you military families do it. I've lived in the same city my whole (long)life (various Minneapolis suburbs). Whenever cherished friends and neighbors (and CHILDREN) move away, it is always so difficult. And I'm still here -- they have to make all the adjustments to their lives. I just stay here and miss them and endure the hole they create in my life. (Oh, dear. Am I cheering you up yet?) Sorry. You and your husband make many sacrifices for all of us through his service. The only charities I give to anymore are military in nature. (USO, Disabled Vets, etc.) Thank you both for serving.
    Best of luck in your new home. You will end up with good friends all over the country, but that's likely small consolation in the present, I know. (And maybe it'll help a tiny bit to remember back to those miserable Januaries?)

  7. Happy to have you back here CONUS.