Monday, July 16, 2012

Almost screwed!

I totally screwed up my medication. Even worse, I repeated the mistake six times over the past couple of weeks.

My medications for this transfer are the simplest they have been for any of my cycles. I started with BCPs, moved onto E2V injections every three days, and then added in Crinone x2 just yesterday. However while my calendar said "4 mg or 0.2 cc", I read "0.4 cc." Yep. So essentially I doubled my estrogen dose for 18 days. I about threw up when I realized I had made this mistake. I really wanted to just bang my head on the wall and say dummy, but somehow I resisted. Instead I shot off an email to my doc and anxiously waited for his response.

Thankfully a nurse called to check on something else with me this morning and I was able to check on it with her. Instead of heading to the beach for the day, we jumped in the car, and drove 75 minutes over to Beverly Hills for a blood draw. The dreaded cancellation word was brought up multiple times, but all I could do was wait.

So we went and played at the beach.
We laughed at little E who wasn't quite sure he liked walking on the sand. However, he looved digging and splashing in his water bucket.

And had some kisses.

Finally, when I checked my phone, I had a message to call the clinic. My estrogen level was still in a very normal range. The cycle was still on. I finally breathed a sigh of relief and called my hubby to fill him in on the whole situation.

I still can't believe I made such a boneheaded move. I think my lucky dragon charm must have saved me on this one.



  1. So happy to hear the cycle is still on!! Wishing you tons of luck! Omygoodness, E is so cute - I love his little mohawk and suit!
    Sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. Oh man! I'm glad everything is still on for this cycle!

  3. Oh no, at least ONE of us is getting knocked up this month, and if it isn't going to be me, then it better be you! Glad things worked out for the best! I'm sure you were quite relieved. Why must it be so crazy, right?

  4. Oh my gosh - what a relief that everything worked out and the cycle is still on!

  5. How scary! But glad to hear that you were able to distract yourself with a fabulous trip to the beach. Thank goodness there's no cancellation!!! E's adorable on the beach!!!

  6. Oh my happy this did not end up in a cancelled cycle. I'm holding my breath for you. So glad you and E are getting some California Sun and he gets to play on sandy beaches. Hope transfer goes well. Keep us posted! :)

  7. Looks like you are having a blast! Phewww for the cycle still being had me worried there for a moment!