Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ramping Up!

So in the past week, we've made a lot of progress towards il bel bambino!

1. We have a calendar!!! Whoohoo. Cartwheels and cheers over here! The transfer is scheduled for July 20th which would make me due on April 7th. And now I'm shaking my head that I've already calculated the due date because I feel so sure that this will work. There is a slight possibility that I'm setting myself up for a huge fall if it's a BFN. Eh, that's the way I roll.

2. We have tickets! E and I will be headed down to SoCal for fourteen days of sun and fun with my family.....and, hopefully a wonderfully successful transfer. Granny will be headed back with us to help me with E on the plane.

3. We have meds in the mail! Have I told you how much I appreciate the difference in price for transfer meds versus a full cycle? Awesome!


Whew mom. There was a lot of cheer in those exclamation points. I think I'm tired after reading that. 



  1. Exciting stuff!! I don't think there's any way to not be excited and not calculate the due date ahead of time! I think it's better to have that attitude than "Well, this probably won't work..."

    How many embryos are you transferring? And are there going to be any leftover for a second cycle in the event the first one doesn't go as planned?

  2. I'm curious to know all of the details - I can't wait to hear how things go! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. You do realize that is NEXT MONTH?! Very cool.

  4. WOOHOO!!!! This post deserves a lot of explanation points - very exciting!!!

  5. I am SO excited to be cycling with you! Here's to two very successful transfers in July!!! Out of curiosity, how does your protocol look? I think mine is more medication intense than I remember a fresh IVF being, mostly way more estrogen and progesterone support after the transfer. I didn't have to do the PIO last time, but this time I'll be on it til at least week 7, should I get so lucky that this works.