Sunday, June 10, 2012


When I was a kid, we use to travel from California to visit my two sets of grandparents every summer. Missouri and Oklahoma were such different worlds to me, filled with summer freedom, bike-riding, ice-cream, and of course piling in my grandpa's RV to go to the lake. 

Me @ 4 years old

So when my husband started talking about getting one, I got super excited. The thought of giving E and il bel bambino the same type of amazing memories that I have....priceless. Then my husband started coming home with stories from his friends who have RVs who go to the river about 20 minutes from our house every weekend. When my husband went and got pre-approved, I knew we were done in. But he held fast to his mantra of, "we're just going to look." I seriously didn't expect to find an RV that met all of our needs the first weekend we were looking, but we did. A few days later, this baby came home with us....

I worked my tail off to get everything stocked for our first trip just a few days later where my husband got to catch some of these....

Sweet 25-30 lb Alaskan Halibut!
E had a great time...

Forward facing for the first time (only because the rear facing connection wasn't as good)

Staring at the new digs.

So did Sweetpea...

My favorite part of the weekend was simply disconnecting from the responsibilities of home, work, and the internet so that I could just enjoy my time. I love my family.



  1. How cool!!! We've been talking about getting an RV for awhile - it's a dream of my husband and mine to quit our jobs and travel around the country for a year. I love the pics of E checking everything out. And I always wondered about the carseat in one of those - nice to see it works! I'm so jealous - this looks like a great time!!!

  2. I have no memories of camping as a child with my family, and maybe that skews my vision a bit, but I'm not sure that would be a good time... We have a camper that C bought from my dad, but we have yet to use it. Maybe I need to expand my horizons a bit given the good time that you guys had. ;0)

  3. This looks like fun! I'm sure E and his future sibling will appreciate the childhood memories you'll be providing them with!

  4. How fun! It looks like E truly enjoyed his first trip with Mom, Dad and Sweetpea!

  5. Oh my gosh...I am soooo excited for you. We are BIG RV people (we do the trailer/truck thing...but still).... We live in Northern CA so lots of places to go and we LOVE it. we just upgraded from a 23 foot toy hauler to a 35 foot 5th wheel toy hauler and we LOVE it. our friends have an RV similar to the one you just bought...totally nice. YOu and the hubs and the kids will LOVE this. Our 4 year old is already fishing with his dad on a regular basis and we are loving all the good memories thus far. We own some land in the Tahoe national forest so we spend most our summer weekends up there and the kids LOVE it. So happy you found something you love and can do as a family!