Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring in Alaska

Welcome to Spring!

How long do you think it will take for the snow to melt?



  1. Holy smokes! Poor Alaskan lady... lol

  2. Wow!!! We didn't get much snow this year at all - in fact, many were praying for more to avoid a drought... Not so much, there, huh? ;0)

  3. :) WOW!!! We've only had 2 snowey-ish days, and one that only put about 3 inches on the ground... bummer year down here for snow! My parent's in New Mexico have gotten almost four times that!!!

  4. Can you send some of that to our mountain areas? I went to dinner with a friend yesterday and she was bummed because she bought new skis, but it's been more like shorts weather this year. How many hours of sunlight do you have now?

  5. oh my gosh, what are you hiding under that pile of snow... a car? A mountain? it's HUGE!


    1. ooh thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! Are you my visitor from Wassila Alaska?

      We had temps in the eighties last week so I guess it's at least comforting to know that it's still cold somewhere. I will be following along- sounds like we have some things in common:)

  6. 3.5 weeks if the weather is consistently above 60 degrees daytime highs. (I'm being somewhat facetious. I don't REALLY know.) But I think it's close.
    -- Minnesota born and bred. I've seen some SNOW in my day.
    And since I didn't see this until now, is it all gone?