Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today, I opened up the mail and found a baby shower invitation.

Ya know, the kind that I had no f'ing clue was coming.

Because I had no f'ing idea that she was pregnant.

And she knows all about what we went through to get E.

If I'm important enough to be invited to your baby shower, I think I rate a simple FB message at some point.

I called my sister and left a ranting message.
Then I called my husband and vented for about 30 seconds. 

And then I felt better. 

My husband was pretty amused at my brief flip out. What made him laugh was that I stopped him when he started to explain it away. As I told him, I get it. I get that there are a ton of explanations. I'm not even mad. But I just needed to yell "ouch" when I got b---- slapped! 



  1. Ha! You crack me up, but yes I agree. If you're just wanting a present, then send me an announcement, don't clutter my calendar!!

  2. yes, you're allowed that ouch! :) Hate those moments! I've found that they are farther apart now that we have Isaac, but still hit me out of nowhere once in a while!