Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's 12:43 am, and I just finished my bonanza shopping spree at Amazon on HappyBaby products. I make most all of baby E's food, but snacks like these and cereals -- not so much! Sprout & HappyBaby are my <3 brands <3 when I do buy. So tonight....

Total = $213.45

Organic Puffs Green - 6 pack - $13.88
Organic Puffs Apple - 6 pack - $13.88
Organic Puffs Sweet Potato - 6 pack - $15.47
Organic Puffs Strawberry - 6 pack - $15.47
Organic Puffs Banana - 6 pack - $14.31
Organic Yogurt Melts Strawberry - 8 pack - $21.11
Organic Yogurt Melts Mixed Berry - 8 pack - $19.74
Organic Yogurt Melts Banana Mango - 8 pack - $19.74
Organic Super Cereal Brown Rice - 6 pack - $17.65
Organic Super Cereal Oatmeal - 6 pack - $16.61
Organic Super Cereal Multigrain - 6 pack - $16.87
Baked Organic Cheddar & Carrot Snack - 6 pack - $15.26
Baked Organic Broccoli, Kale, & Cheddar Snack - 6 pack - $13.46

I think my son is set on his treats for awhile!

Yes, I'm a complete dork and celebrate my good deals!




  1. Sounds good to me...especially organic. Good job mom!! I am trying to make a more organic switch for the baby food I make(especially the "dirty dozen"). I'll have to keep that brand in mind later on :)

  2. You gotta love shipping....great deals and you don't have to snap you kids in and out of car seats to get to the store....priceless. Genna is just getting ready for these snacks...I need to head over there now and stock up....thanks for the push.

  3. kdactyl - you can get those prices by signing up for subscribe and save and then the 25% off code HAPPYBA3 :)

  4. We do the same thing. Kate loves those snacks!

  5. Do you order the treats and cereal through Amazon because they are hard to find in Alaska or just because you get a better deal?

    Way to go on the good buys.

    ICLW #10

  6. Of course, a good deal needs to be celebrated.

    I read that you are ready for TTC#2. I don't know if it will be FairyEggs or who, but I sure hope you will find the way soon.


    iclw #36

  7. good deal! Especially if you are saving up for a possibly IVF cycle, good deals are always key.

    I hope things go well and you have a second child when you are ready!

  8. Here from ICLW - I was very relieved when my son started eating regular food and I didn't have to buy special baby snacks anymore! I am also thinking about #2, and I realize the impulse is just as strong as for #1. I hope you're able to figure things out and have the familiy you want.