Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eight Eventful Months

How is it possible that I have an eight month old? Here is the rundown for this month. Of course, I have to start with a picture that captured his eye-twinkle.

Sleep? through the night except when teething...thank you thank you son.

New Foods? puffs, raspberries, yams, barley, carrots, a few pieces of strawberry and pineapple added to all the other fun things we already eat. Yes, I know that strawberries are controversial for allergy reasons before twelve months, but I felt comfortable with it after reading a study that indicates delaying introduction of foods doesn't change allergies. Of course, I'm still adhering to the major forbidden lists like milk, honey, etc. It also helps that Fairyegg's family history shows no food allergies.

Adventures? Army crawling! Playing in the dog's water bowl! Finger foods! Wheeeeee!

Can't catch me!

Physical Developments? Sitting up for extended periods of time, army crawling, and getting first tooth!

Sounds? Right before mother's day, the constant mamamamamamamamaaaaa sounds were replaced with da da and ba ba babbles. He <3s making raspberries.

Diaper size? Rocking the threes

Clothing? Still in six month range

Height? @28 in (@ because this is the at home measurements!)
Weight? @19 lb
Head? @17 in

Loves. xoxo


  1. Hooray!! A photo-tastic post with your gorgeous son!!! :-) I know you can't tell because you're biased, but he's honestly cuter than most bubs.

    Congratulations on reaching 8 months and so many exciting milestones, little man!

  2. His eyes...they captivate me! He is simply gorgeous!

  3. Such a cutie - congrats on the 8 month milestone!

  4. Adorable - happy 8 months!

  5. He is sooo handsome (love the twinkle!) One of my girls loves to do raspberries too...although she hasn't done them in a while now :(