Thursday, April 28, 2011

1/2 Birthday (almost a month later)

I have been putting off documenting my dear boy's 1/2 birthday for so long that we are almost to seven months! Argh! I've been finding out  that all of those trite sayings that people say are oh so true. Take for example the phrase, "they grow up so quickly." How is it that I already have a six month old son? It still seems like he is so fresh and new to our lives that it is impossible to fathom that half a year has passed. My heart and thoughts have not caught up with the time that has passed. So here I am with a six month old celebrating his 1/2 birthday and I'm still amazed at our good fortune.

So what has six months brought my dear little E? (recorded actually at the sixth month mark BTW!)

Height, weight and head circumference? No idea as my scale is crap and the pediatrician is running far behind for their appointment schedule.

Food? Formula...usually about 20 oz in increments of 4 oz. Rice and oat cereal. Pureed versions of : sweet potato, green beans, apple, banana, and avocado! He is my hungry hungry hippo and loves to eat anything I give him which makes me cheer.

Activities? Still rolling from front to back, sitting up for a few seconds at a time, actively grabbing toys and trying to scoot around like an inchworm.

Adventures? Ha. Not this month.

Sleep? Still sleeping through the night with random wake-ups needing a binky, diaper change, or food. Napping is still spotty but generally occurring in the morning for about 45 minutes and then an our in the afternoon. Sometimes a short 30 minute snooze before dinner.

I've been writing blog posts in my head, so now I just need to get them down before they disappear into the recesses of mom brain. BTW, which photo should be the official six month picture?



  1. Happy 6 months, you handsome devil! Wow, those eyelashes. Seriously. I know you get complimented on them all the time but they are insanely beautiful. I'm a fan of the blue onesie pic and the sweet naked one, but they're all too cute! When did you start the cereal? I'm so conflicted with the different stuff I read about when to start cereal...Help, Jenicini! ;)

  2. Baby E is maybe the cutest baby ever. Wow! Happy half-birthday!

  3. Gosh, I swear he is the prettiest baby ever! Love his eyes:) Happy 1/2 Bday!!!

  4. mowhawk... deffinatly! :) I can't belive it's been SIX months!!! hes so handsome.

  5. Love the pics - could he be any cuter???

  6. My favorite is the naked one :-) hmmm, that didn't sound right. I can't believe it's been 6 months either!!! Happy half birthday, kiddo!

  7. He's getting HUGE! And mohawk, fo sho.

  8. And in between ped visits, I just step on a scale while holding the baby and then step on the scale without him (to subtract from the first weight) to guesstimate his weight. I try to measure how long he is the same way the doc does -- lay him down and use a pencil to make a mark at his head and his toes, then use a tape measure.

  9. Happy half birthday little E!!!

    My personal favorite is the one in the bucket, but they are all amazing - I can't get over how photogenic he is.

    Glad things are going well at your house as well.

  10. Happy 6 months!! I can't get enough of his long eyelashes and beautiful big eyes!