Saturday, April 9, 2011


Have you noticed that there is still snow falling across my blog? That's because it's April and still snowing here. Bah. I'm ready for flip flops. I sat on front steps for about five minutes today because despite the snow we got two days ago, it was actually quite pleasant.

I've been in a pretty big funk when I'm not sitting in front of my computer working on a presentation or a paper. I'm still absolutely loving my time with my little man, but needless to say, anxiety is still getting the best of me on the other fronts.

Sister left yesterday after her week-long visit. <3 having her here.

Hubby is leaving tonight on the red-eye. Boo.

Got my period for the first time since E was conceived.

And while I'm complaining, thanks Congress for throwing everything into a tizzy by threatening a budgetary shut-down AND to PETA for donating a free vasectomy in honor of infertility week. That was sweet. Really.



  1. ugh, I feel you about the shutdown... and I've been trying to get on a schedule with my little guy and it is soooo not working, so that's had me in a funk too. deep slow breaths and spring will be here before you know it!

  2. Awww! HUGS! Hang in there. I hear Spring is worth the wait up there!

  3. Sorry you're feeling bummed...I hope the weather will start to warm up and give you a break. And try to go easy on yourself -- this is hard stuff! Give yourself a few minutes every day while E is napping or after he goes to bed to do something nice, just for you -- doesn't matter what it is, just do it!

  4. Sorry it's all getting you down a bit. At least you're closer to spring than I am since here it's just autumn and I have that feeling of doom as nights get colder and the days draw in.


  5. ya, it's kinda been a rolercoaster in the military world hunh!?! :) Sorry you're in a funk... I shouldn't tell you we've been in the 80's the last two days then... :) Love you, miss you friend! I'd drive to have lunch with you any day if you were still here!

  6. But you have moose, Sweet Pea, and your wonderful little E.--the cutest grandson any granny could ask for!!!!!