Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bedrest: Day 18

The bedrest chronicles: Day 18

Hubby texts: What u doing
I text: Laying here :) You ?
Hubby texts: No really. Standing here.
I text: lol Where's here?
Hubby texts: Here is where the heart is.
I text: groan

Then he walks into my hospital room.  Big dork - I love him so.


All is quiet here in my corner of the hospital. Baby E keeps passing his biophysical profiles with flying colors and his monitoring each night is strong. He keeps all of the nurses on their toes by continually dodging the heartbeat monitor or evading the ultrasound by curling up in odd positions or doing cheetah flips when they're trying to watch him breathing. Monitoring is really play time for him as he uses the the monitoring point as target practices for his hand chops and karate kicks. There is something about the waves it makes in his amniotic fluid that gets him all revved up! Playtime mommy!

An interesting tidbit of news that my doctor passed onto me was that most women who have preterm labor have one of three infections: strep B, mycoplasma or ureaplasma (spellings?). They start treating patients immediately for all three as the cultures take awhile, however mine came back positive for mycoplasma. The presence of this does not always cause preterm labor, but in my case, I fit the statistics. It's nice to know that it's nothing I could have prevented. More antibiotics it is for me!

Thank for the well wishes on my bathroom privileges! Yes, I'm a big girl now!! lol In all seriousness, it has made an incredible difference in my comfort. However the even bigger news is that we've been doing so well that the doc is going to send us home!!! In my wildest dreams, I did not expect to be able to go home before 32 weeks if at all. However, my lack of contractions, bleeding, and leaking has convinced my doctor that I should get to go home at 31 weeks. That means next weekend people! Yippee, hurrah, cartwheels!

My angel of a dad is flying up on Saturday to tend to me while I'm at home. While I'm a little nervous imagining that my stitch will tear open while we're taking the hour long drive from our house to the hospital, I'm glad that I'll be in such capable hands. My dad is an excellent caregiver who I'm sure will be a good tyrant about me doing absolutely nothing. He's also quite handy in the kitchen which makes me start drooling with longing over some non-mush like food. I swear I have eaten baked chicken and mashed potatoes like seven times this week to avoid whatever the special of the day they are whipping up down there in the hospital kitchen.  I digress...

My other source of happiness came yesterday when my hubby brought down my darling dog, Sweetpea, to visit. With the advent of wheelchair privileges, I escaped from my little room into the delightful but rare sunshine that the skies have been hoarding. Apparently, this was the summer to move to Anchorage as it has rained for a record 31 days! So, in the sunshine, my hubby wheeled me out to a little grassy area and brought my wiggle-waggle dog to me.  Just sitting there petting her soft fur and getting doggy kisses worked like a charm on my spirits.  I must admit that this past week has not been my best as I started getting sad and a bit lonely. It was nothing a nice crying jag couldn't take care of but the happy dog visit really reversed my downward trend.

So here I lay on day 18 of hospital bed rest, overjoyed that tomorrow we will hit the 30 week mark. The next real milestone from the doc's perspective is 32 weeks, but I'm celebrating every day. Who would have thought I would make it here!



  1. oh my gosh. Seriously, you brought tears to my eyes with this post. I am SO happy for you that you get to go home in a week. And the doggy visit sounded like the perfect remedy to the bedrest blues. xxx

  2. What great news! I know you are thrilled to get out of that hospital! Crossing my fingers for 2 weeks, at least!

  3. You can see the finish line of hospital stay!This week may be slow, but you are almost home!!! Maybe you should make a paper chain like we did as kids! Love you and more happy thoughts your way....

  4. Hurry next weekend! :) Such good news! So happy to hear that you and Baby E will be back home soon. And I think it's darling that your Sweetpea paid you a visit!

  5. So happy to hear you hitting all those mile stones, however small they may seem! Yay for going home, and double-yay for having Dad take care of you.

    Reading about your time with Sweet Pea made me smile all over :)

  6. i'm SO glad you get to go home next weekend! sounds like your DH & dad will take great care of you. glad your puppy was able to brighten your day! hang in there for a couple more weeks!

  7. So amazing that you will be able to comlete your pregnancy at home with hubby! Very happy for you :)

  8. I'm so excited that everything's going so well that you can go home soon! That's so awesome your pup came to visit - that had to be wonderful!

  9. Happy ICLW!!! So happy for you that things are looking up & definitely fabulous news you may get to go home soon, congrats on the bathroom privileges as well....definitely an awesome week for you! I can't imagine how happy the doggy visit made you, I would miss my dogs so much being in a hospital for that long, it's incredible how much love & joy they bring to our lives isn't it?! Hope things continue to go blessedly smooth for you:)

  10. So glad that you get to go home soon! I wish you an uneventful next few weeks!

  11. That's interesting about pre-term labour and infection. Does that mean you're out of the woods now that you've been treated with antibiotics? Glad to hear you'll be heading to your NEW home with REAL food. Enjoy!

  12. So excited that you're on your way home soon!!! You have been such a trooper through all of this....and your little darling will be here soon!!!!!!!!! (but not too soon of course) :o)

    What a great dad...he's going to be a great grandpa too! :o)

  13. sending you so many warm wishes for all to go well. I am so happy your hubby brought you your pup!

    -Jess ICLW #74

  14. Such great news that you and Baby E are doing well enough to maybe get to go home. Your little Baby E sounds a lot like my post IF baby. I was getting weekly non-stress tests during the last trimester and they actually had to send me to labor and delivery for monitoring because my son would avoid the machines in the OB's office. Heck, he even gave the nurses in L&D a hard time.

    Continuing prayers that the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly.

    #28 ICLW

  15. What a thrill to be released early for good behavior! There is nothing like being at home, and I'm glad your dad is coming to help out - sounds like he'll be fun (and cheflike!)

    You have such a great attitude, it is wonderful how well E is responding to the tests (makes you smile). I hope you can fill those long hours next week as the same ol same ol gets so tiresome. LOVE your DHs text, how sweet!

  16. What a cute text message exchange! :)

    Glad to hear that you're getting out of the hospital soon--I can't imagine that being fun. Praying that the rest of your pregnancy is smooth. Take it easy!

    ICLW #172

  17. Happy ICLW!

    You and I cycled together for our 1st IVF's! I deleted my blog shortly after my in-laws found it. SO happy to see that you're pregnant and how far you've come!


  18. Thinking of you and hoping that you're home safe and sound in no time! You've done so well, I know how hard those days of hospital bedrest can be - enough to drive you crazy! Can't wait for the next few days to just fly by :-)

  19. yay for going home and for having such a sweet hubby! I hope the next few weeks of your pregnancy fly by uneventfully for you!

    ~Happy ICLW!