Sunday, May 10, 2009

My geeky love of Star Trek

Call me a complete geek, but I celebrated Mother's Day by sending my mother flowers, asking my sister to toast my mom with her margarita at Tequila Jacks, and went and saw Star Trek! I use to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad when I was growing up. We'd have the comfy after dinner TV time in which we'd watch it together companionably on the couch. But today, I was in absolute heaven watching the movie. They did a great job casting this movie and it has a great developed plot. That is what bugged me about the Star Wars I, II, and III--most of the actors blew! That didn't happen in Star Trek. Kirk had a nice edge to him compared to the usual pretty boy actors. I loved that Sylar from Heroes played Spock. He had a nice conflicted yet placid face which is perfect for a human/vulcan mix. It was also fun to see so many familiar faces in the smaller one liner roles. However, their faces didn't distract me from the movie. Loved it! Yay, JJ Abrahms.

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