Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I posted because I have been pretty jam packed since May...
  • The end of school has come and gone and so did my lovely class of fifth graders. I had such a good year teaching here in Louisiana. After my experiences in California, I think it really mellowed me out to be at a school like this one. I learned to let go of a lot! That's always good for my neurotic personality!
  • I spent a fantastic ten days in California! Whoohoo for the family and friends there! I was disappointed that it was overcast with June gloom the entire time I was there which meant no beach trips. But in spite of the lack of sand and sun, I got to see my favorite people of all time (you know who you are). I ate some great food including my new local Korean restaurant discovery--thank you E! It was kind of sad to see some of my old work friends though since I felt like there was a much bigger distance now than there ever was. That's what happens when you aren't around for the every day things though.
  • The best thing - my hubby came home for R&R! We've pretty much fallen right back into the comfortable existence of our lives for these two weeks. I'm so independent, but it is just so nice to have him around. We got to celebrate his birthday here which was fantastic! How many birthdays have we actually been together on? Not many! Lol. Hubby bought me an iphone -- no more cracked phone! He got one too which made me laugh since he "really didn't care," but spent a couple of hours playing with it!
  • Another milestone was that I actually have saved enough money from my online teaching to pay for the first in-vitro session. All those hours grading papers and giving advice on APA formatting and the NCLB have paid off! How many times have you seen my FB status as "grading...80 papers to go!" With V being home, we have his part taken care of and are good to go for the end of July.
That's it! Life is good although I know Thursday will be hard with V leaving. Thank goodness there are only about two months before he comes home for good. Can't wait! Much love to everybody!

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  1. Soundslike y'all had a great R&R :) I am praying and crossing my fingers for y'all and IVF!!!! We have our first appt with Dr. S in 2 weeks. I am so excited and nervous. How long was it between your first appt and when y'all started the actual IUI process?