Wednesday, April 11, 2012

to do...

I have just a few more things on my to do list.
The list that will happily bring me to the end of a degree.
A degree that started when E was just a few months old and is now ending as we head towards baby #2.
A baby we would be headed to much faster if my impatience ruled the world.
But alas, it doesn't.
My lawyer and phone tag does.



  1. I am still waiting for the details! I'd love to hear how this match came about!

  2. Me too (w/ what Lauren said)! Glad things are coming together!!!!

  3. So exciting - you're almost done with school! And I'm thrilled for you about this match - good luck with the lawyer!!!

  4. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Hope the lawyer takes action soon.

  5. Lawyer time is approximately 4 weeks lagging to everybody-else time, isn't it? And they charge plenty for all of it. I hope it comes together soon...