Sunday, March 27, 2011

This and That

After my last blog where I vomited my anxiety directly on to the page, it's not surprising that it has taken me this long to even write another post.

I am still swimming in papers and presentations. Really, I'm way overwhelmed with the amount of work I still have to do with about five weeks left until the end of my semester. Every weekend is blocked out with work time which I will need every minute of to finish all of my projects. Sigh. Thankfully my sister is coming during her spring break which will get me some extra time during that week to squeeze in some extra work.

Believe me, I know I got myself into this mess. I have no one to fault except for myself as I chose to take these classes. It's a fault of mine as I always try to do too much.

Anyway, my little man continues to be the absolute joy of my life. Even when I'm mired in other crap, he never fails to make me smile. I feel like life has changed in that it is brighter and better with him around.

Some of the things he does just grab my heart and squeeze it.

When I'm feeding him, he likes to wrap his soft little hands around my thumb and pinky. He uses them to lever the bottle closer and further away as his little heart desires. He's also fond of using this technique to chomp on his favorite chew toy, my index finger.

Every time I peel back the diaper and find poop, he never fails to give me this huge grin.

I was going to leave you with a little piece of the cheer he brings to us, but alas blogger is moving way to slow with pictures and videos, so we are SOL. So, while he is laying in his crib kicking the monitor, I head back into my research to finish my paper.




  1. Then end of the semester is in sight - you'll be done before you know it!!!

    Glad baby E is keeping you sane - we get the poop smiles too and now we're adding the occasional fart smile as they get bigger... Mildly disgusting, but funny all at the same time!

  2. I love hearing all these lovely things that E is doing. Adorable! Soon you'll have some relief - good!

  3. 5 weeks of hell; you've survived more than that before! It won't be pleasant, but you'll get through it. And your lovely son with those heart-melting eyes will be there. :-)

  4. Semester ALMOST OVER! And aren't the cute things just multiplying? Jackson grabs his feet and swings his legs into the air when I change his he's "helping." Hehe.