Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My heart is full.

It's been six months since these two munchkins came abruptly into the world. 

They are such loves. It's hard to remember life before them even for E.

A is such a calm and chilled out kiddo. 

N is a feisty and charming little man. 

E turned four recently. He's such a sociable, smart, a funny kid. 

I couldn't love any of them more if I tried.



  1. Wow, they are all so beautiful! Total Gerber baby material. Love seeing pictures of them!

  2. Beautiful kids! So nice to read happy posts like this and glad you are enjoying your kiddos.

  3. Wow. So fun to see new pictures of these three. They are all just beautiful. Happy for you that you are done having them and can now enjoy raising them!

  4. Gorgeous happy children. Contented mama.

    Life is good.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. So happy for you.