Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two embies

Two embies were very gently transferred to my uterus this afternoon.

Cue cheers and cartwheels!

Of course, I experienced the typical pleasures of an FET such as the ultrasound pushing down on my full bladder. However, the funniest part was that you can definitely tell this isn't my first rodeo. In the few minutes between getting prepped and waiting for my embryos, the doc and I sat there chatting amiably despite the fact that my feet were up in the stirrups and my goods were exposed. Good times!

I'm optimistic and hopeful!

Beta is 9/28.



  1. LOVE news of a good, smooth, hope-filled transfer. YAY.

    I know the 2ww can be it's own demon so I hope you can take it day by day and that those days pass quickly as you march toward beta.

  2. Yeah for a smooth transfer! "Enjoy" the two week wait and best wishes :)

  3. 9 days and counting. Best of luck! And yeah, you know you're a veteran when you have your vag in someone's face and you're chatting like you're out to dinner. Hopefully this is the last "date" ever!

  4. 5 days left...can't wait to see your post that says BFP!! :)

  5. Oh my word...I keep checking back here to see if you cheated and took an HPT. I could NEVER wait for my betas....I cheated everytime. I am praying for a nice strong number tomorrow (or a lovely pre-beta double line followed by great numbers). One more day...Yay!!!!

  6. Sorry I've been so remiss in commenting. I"m really happy that this worked out so well.