Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Still on...

Thankfully we are still on with this cycle for now...

The plan is to head out to California and have the doc check out my lining as scheduled. If the bleeding has impacted my lining severely, we'll wait a week to allow it to get up to snuff. I generally have a nice plush triple-striped lining, so I'm hoping that my normal extra will give me some cushioning with what I might have lost. 

Who knows? Maybe this will help in the long run?!?!

Off to start packing now...or maybe go get some chocolate ice cream and pack tomorrow. :D



  1. YEAH! I read the recent news so this is fantastic! I'm hoping that it will be all turn out for a great transfer.

  2. Ugh how frustrating. This exact thing happened to me on one of our cycles. In the end they were able to go ahead. Hoping the same for you!!!!