Monday, April 1, 2013

Vegetable confusion.

So, no one ever tells you about this type of toddler conundrum...

Tonight we were sitting at my parent's dining table in California after dishing up some deeeelish Chinese food (of which I can't get in Alaska).  The much spoiled grandchild was sitting at the head of the table flanked by Granny and Papa.

While he was busy tasting all of the dishes, I noticed that he was enjoying his veggies. So I speared a piece of sautéed squash and passed it to Granny to give to E. He took it, and papa said, "mmmmh a cucumber." I didn't want him to be surprised when he tasted it, so I explained that it was a piece of squash.

E looked at it, grabbed it off his fork and squeezed it.

As the liquid dripped out of it, I exclaimed at him, "Oh, don't do that!"

He said, "squash."

And then I got it. Squash.

My son squashed the squash.

That's toddler logic for you!!!



  1. Pretty hard to argue with that!!! ;0)

    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Love it! Toddlers are so much fun!

  3. Hi, you won the giveaway! Please get in touch with me so I can get your email for the gift certificate. Congratulations! Anneliese

  4. LOL So funny!! Having a toddler is like learning language all over again. I realized many times how confusing I can sound to a very literal toddler.

  5. He is perfectly logical. And obedient. (And adorable.)