Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seven Splendid Months

Seven splendid months with this little sucker whom I adore.

Sleep? Yes! He's still generally sleeping the night through although occasionally he wakes up and needs a back pat or a few ounces. During the day he's still taking about three cat naps a day which vary from 10 minutes to three hours. I can see the correlation between his growing and sleeping. It's kinda of cute.

Adventures? As the snow started melting, we finally went for our first walk outside in a stroller. We also had two weeks without daddy as he headed to the lower 48 for some training. I made it through!

Sounds? Maaaah ma ma ma maaaa MAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MAAAAAAH!

New Foods? Acorn and butternut squash, peas, blackberry, blueberry, purple carrot and pears, mango...yummy yum yum mommy. Still hitting about 20 oz of formula a day in two to four ounce gulps.

Weight? 16 lb 2 oz 10th percentile
Height? 26.9 inches 25th percentile
Head? 43 cm 10-25th percentile

Clothing size? Six Months!
Diaper size? Size two, but rapidly approaching a three

Much love....xoxo

Monday, May 9, 2011

M-Day (updated with good links)

I know that Mother's Day can feel like storming the beaches in Normandy for the infertile. So I hope you survived relatively unscathed. If you want to click away now, I totally understand.

Finally last weekend, I finished composing the last of my papers for Spring semester. That made this weekend the first time we were able to just get away for months. To add to the glorious freedom, I *believe* winter has finally left the building. So we made reservations at a resort south of Anchorage and headed down the Glenn Highway.

We stayed here:

And I did this:

We ate an amazing meal at a bistro sporting an amazing seared tuna over spinach risotto with a blue cheese foam. Ha. (I mock foam mercilessly on Top Chef.)

The absolute best part of the weekend is spending time with him:

Because despite all of the other wonderful things that happened during the weekend, this little man and my husband are my world. Watching him laugh with my husband and find comfort in my arms--those things fill me with joy. E has unlocked a part of myself that I didn't know existed. I know that's such a sap-pot statement, but it's true. I just feel lucky that I get to have him in my life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.