Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nine Naughty Months (lots 'o pictures)

He's really not naughty. Well, if you count bee-lining for computer cords on a constant basis, maybe he's a little naughty. Here's the nine month low down.


Sleep: crying a lot when going to bed, up a few times before midnight, then sleeping until eight.

New food: egg yolks, chicken, pork, green pea risotto, multi-grain cereal, tofu, peaches, nectarines, beets, cheese, yogurt....more, but I forget! He absolutely wants to try everything that mommy and daddy are eating.

Peekaboo with Granny!

Adventures: occasionally drinking out of a straw cup, splashing at swim lessons, play dates, spending time with Granny & Nanny, playing peekaboo, riding in a cart for the first time, and exploring Alaska!

Chillin' at the Cook Inlet
Movements: Still army crawling but lots of rocking on the knees!

Dude, I just woke up.
The perfect Father's Day card!
Can I go splash in the puddle?
Sounds: Maaaa, Daaaa, Ahhhh!

Watching the seals with Granny!

Teeth Count: Two!

Mommy torturing E!

Diaper Size: Three
Clothing Size: 9 months

First ride in a cart!

Height: 29 in
Weight: 20 lb!

Granny trying to pack E
I promise a real post soon! Hope all is well!



  1. I can't believe he's 9 months old!! And doing all these new things!! What a joy he must be for you. :-D

  2. so very cute! happy 9 months little guy!

  3. He looks like such a happy little guy! I hope you're loving every minute!

  4. Loved seeing all the pictures. He is so handsome :) Looks like you are enjoying every minute.

  5. That is one seriously cute (and happy) kid! thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Uh-uh, he can't be 9 months! Dude!! We have that auntie onesie, too :-)

  7. He is so cute!! Sounds like he's doing really well. If you figure out the computer cord issue, please let me know. Remotes are another favorite at our house ;)

  8. He looks so fun! Love all the pics!