Monday, September 8, 2014

Microblog Mondays: Meanest Mom

Today DS#1 was taking a bath and didn't want to get out when I started his five minute warning. After a few words and big splashing, I pulled the plug which infuriated him. He took his play cup and tossed it right on my shirt. My clean shirt. The shirt I had just put on along with real clothes and makeup. I literally saw red and after getting him out of the tub, I had to walk away.

So I walked back into the bathroom and bagged up all of his bath toys.

I am the meanest mom.

My son told me he was going to put me in time out and then have the doctors come and give me shots (the meanest thing he could think of). He even had a plan to get his granny to take him to the hospital to pick up the doctor and bring her back to our house. It's not nice to laugh but laugh I did.



  1. HAHA that's a great story to save. Have to love a child's creativity.

  2. Sometimes the laughing is all that saves your sanity! :0)

  3. Kind of hard to picture your adorable little boy threatening you with time outs - except that I have heard our adorable little Noah do the same to HIS parents! (And I have to admit. I LOVE the part where he's going to enlist the help of his grandmother.) So, so cute!