Friday, November 15, 2013

Somewhere in the midst of being excited and hopeful to have another child, I forgot that beyond the cervix and early labor issues, I am a terrible pregnant woman.

Ever since week six, I have been plagued with nausea and exhaustion. Believe me, I know that these are typical symptoms that the majority of women go through. Yet, other women seem to do it with grace while I am just a hot mess of a mom.

Somewhere along the way, the pregnancy hormones have caused my hair to start sticking up oddly where I have two cowlicks.  These cowlicks were meticulously trained by my mother to behave since I was a kid. So imagine my surprise when they started sticking virtually straight up.

These two little hair gems add to my overall mom look that I sport of yoga pants and maternity tees that I toss on in the morning to take E to preschool twice a week.

Meanwhile, there are literally a ton of military wives who are knocked up right now. I'm assuming the conventional way since most of them are due in April which coincidentally aligns for the in processing period for the school when there was a ton of down time. These moms, make it look easy. I think they even manage to do things like brush their hair and teeth.

I count it a victory when I'm not dry heaving on the way home from dropping him off. Then I plod into the house and promptly lay down. Exhausted and usually nauseous.

How do people do this!?!?!?

I'm so grateful that I'm pregnant, but seriously I suck at this!



  1. Girl, I am a sucky preggo too. My sympathies. And my congratulations, since I didn't know you were pregnant - I never even log in to blogger anymore! Congrats!

  2. Fake it 'til you make it! :0)

    It will lighten up soon (hopefully!).