Wednesday, September 3, 2014

He's gone.

We've been through three years of deployments to combat zones while together. However, this year of an unaccompanied tour to the middle east is going to be the most brutal one yet because of the three children who own our hearts. I can deal with missing him myself, but helping E get through those feelings is different. I remind myself that E is resilient and will be just fine. We love this man.



  1. Your strength to deal with him being gone is amazing - I couldn't do it! You're right - your family is resilient and hopefully the time will pass quickly.

  2. Hugs!! I am having a hard enough time with my DH working 14-15 hour days. I can't imagine him being away for a long period of time. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes smooth for you.

  3. Good luck Jen! You never want to wish time away, but I hope the year apart goes smoothly. Like you said, E will be just fine, but I'm sure the adjustment will be hard. I'm sure once you get a routine going he'll accept things as the new normal.

  4. Oh man that is tough. My E would have a really hard time. I don't know if it's an age thing (he just turned three), but he is soooo into daddy these days. Wishing you strength in getting through another deployment.

  5. May safety be his constant companion.

    I thank him for his service and you all for your sacrifice.

    May the hands of time turn quickly.

    1. This was stated so eloquently. I can't improve on it.