Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm 28 weeks 4 days today.

Ticking along.

Still preggo.

Baby A, my yet unnamed boy, is estimated at 2 lb 7 oz.
Baby B, my girl who will probably never get a name, is estimated at 2 lb 8 oz.
It's sweet how they're already sharing by using the resources equally. Yay!

As of today, I've gained 25 lb with a belly measurement of 41 weeks.

I've slowed down tremendously over the last few weeks as I get larger and more tired doing normal things. If my mom wasn't here, I'd be seriously up a creek. But instead, I still have a clean house, good meals, help with all my errands, and I get naps every afternoon.

I'm a lucky girl. Now stay in there babies!



  1. Things sound like they're going great! That's great you have so much help!

  2. Yay for healthy babies!! Continued baking vibes!!! So jealous of your help! Your mom sounds wonderful!!!

  3. great update! My twins are a day behind you and I agree - say in there babies!!

  4. On my way home from work today I thought, "I'm going to comment on Jen's last post just to say hi and let her know I'm thinking if her" and then *poof* - update! So glad to hear that the twins are growing so well. Your comment about the girl who will never be named threw me for a minute thinking that something was wrong, but I'm glad I interpreted that incorrectly!

    1. Oh, I'm the biggest jerk! She's doing great as far as we can tell. It just really takes us a long time to agree on a name. Hubby has turned down all twenty names on my girl list! He actually likes one on the boy list which gives me hope. :D

    2. We have the opposite problem. We've had a girl name forever, so we'll probably have another boy and I cannot even come up with one, let alone a list to choose from.

  5. I haven't been around for like a year but I wanted to pop in and say CONGRATULATIONS! I didn't know you were pregnant, and with TWO little blessings :) That's awesome!